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Student support 

Our students are supported in a number of ways at Taranganba State School.

Students with a disability

Every school day, at Taranganba State School, our teachers and school leaders strive to maximise the outcomes of students with disability by engaging them in learning to develop their skills for their future. Making sure all students have access to high quality learning opportunities, focused on their individual needs, is a priority for our school. We strive to lift the learning outcomes for students with disability by continuing to build the capability of our staff, by setting high expectations of students and supporting them to reach their full potential, and through productive partnerships with our parents.

Academic support

Some students may be identified as requiring support in literacy and numeracy as remediation or extension. Information from NAPLAN, school wide tests and classroom data is gathered and meetings are held with the Deputy Principal and learning support teachers to develop programs to address these needs. 

Programs are developed and may be delivered by learning support or extension teachers or teacher aides. Programs usually run for a semester.

Students are required to regularly attend school to be part of these programs.  If students do not show improvement further investigation may be needed. These students may be referred to the Student Welfare Action Team or SWAT.

Student Welfare Action Team (SWAT)

This Team meets weekly to monitor the support of students.  From these meetings students may be referred to the Guidance Officer, Chaplain  or Speech Therapist. Parental contact and permission is sought for all referrals.

The Student Welfare Action Team consists of members from the Leadership Team, Guidance Officer and Head of Special Education Classroom teachers may also attend to refer and discuss students in their class.

Guidance Officer

Guidance Office referrals are available from the administration. Please make an appointment with the Deputy Principal or alternatively with your child’s class teacher to discuss your child’s needs.

Speech Therapist

A Speech Therapist visits our school several times a term. Students are assessed.   Programs may be provided  to implement at home.  Students with significant needs are supported by the speech therapist at school.  

A referral form for speech therapist assessment is available from the office. Please make an appointment with the Deputy Principal. Students are also identified through the classroom teacher. They will contact you to discuss options and referrals.

School Chaplain

Taranganba has the services of a Chaplain two days a week. Our Chaplain provides emotional, social and spiritual support for students and staff at our school.

Chappy  assists with a number of programs across the school supporting students. If your child requires ongoing support, please contact administration. Further information is provided in the Chaplain Brochure.
This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Queensland Department of Education. 
Last reviewed 04 October 2019
Last updated 04 October 2019